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Riverfront Village Mixed Use Development and Hotel Indigo

This project transformed a previous commercial and automotive sales site into a mixed-use development featuring commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality spaces. A majority of the site was once the Tuscaloosa Chevrolet car dealership and, prior to this development, was being used for RV parking.


Located in a flood zone, the Riverfront Village Development project required careful consideration due to its past as a car dealership and current use as an RV parking area, which raised concerns about environmental contamination. Additionally, parking was a significant consideration, given its premium status in the area.


To mitigate the flood zone challenges, the TTL team provided recommendations to grade and fill the site above the 100-year flood elevation. This required coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to remap the area so the site met the necessary elevation standards, removing it from the flood zone.

For parking, an adjacent existing five-lane city street formerly serving as access to a draw bridge river crossing was reduced to 2 lanes with on-street angled parking. In addition, a subsurface parking deck was designed to extend two stories below ground, well below the 100-year flood elevation. The entrance to this parking deck was strategically placed above the flood elevation to maintain accessibility, even during significant storm events. TTL also coordinated the permitting and remapping process and advised on the implementation of water pressure release valves, designed to prevent the parking structure from buoyancy in case of flooding. Additionally, a pump system was installed to manage water intrusion so any water that does enter can be promptly pumped out.

Environmental concerns, such as potential onsite oil disposal from the property's former use, were addressed and resolved to align with all environmental protection standards.

Through innovative engineering and strategic planning, TTL has facilitated the creation of a vibrant, mixed-use development that not only revitalizes an underused urban area but does so with consideration for environmental safety and flood mitigation.


Tuscaloosa, AL


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Chance Partners



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