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Ross Hollow Landfill

TTL provided earthwork and laboratory support services for the construction of a new landfill site, including the capping of the previous North Hollow landfill. The work involved comprehensive observation, monitoring, and testing, along with the compilation of all necessary documentation for state regulatory compliance.


The Ross Hollow Landfill site, shaped by its history of waste disposal, presented complex subsurface conditions that varied significantly across the area. The discovery of springs on the site further complicated the construction process, adding another layer of complexity to the landfill's development.


Our team took proactive measures to identify and document all field conditions while conducting the requisite testing to guide the construction process. Given the variable subsurface conditions, we adapted our construction methods accordingly to maintain the integrity of the landfill structure.

To address the challenge posed by the presence of springs, we implemented a buffer layer so that the cell was appropriately lined. This was essential to preserve the geologic buffer and maintain environmental protection standards.

Our engagement in this project demonstrated our adaptability and expertise in dealing with geotechnically challenging environments. Our solutions facilitated the successful construction of the new landfill while adhering to stringent environmental and regulatory requirements.









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