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Rossview School Complex

The Rossview School Complex represents a significant undertaking in educational infrastructure, encompassing an 88-acre site and a total built-up area of 3.9 million square feet. This ambitious multi-phased project includes a high school, middle school, and elementary school, complete with accompanying sports facilities such as softball and baseball fields, tennis courts, a football field with a track, and a practice/soccer field.


Spanning a decade and executed in several stages, developing a barren tract of land into the Rossview School Complex presented multiple challenges. The first phase, comprised of constructing the high school and its auxiliary facilities, was followed by the middle and elementary schools. Managing traffic circulation, maintaining site safety amid continual construction, providing sufficient parking, and addressing problematic soil conditions all were among the primary concerns.


Forethought in planning for both immediate needs and future growth was critical to the success of the Rossview School Complex. Strategically placing the high school and its expansive parking lot facilitated shared use of support facilities with the subsequently constructed middle school. Designing a traffic system to streamline student drop-off and pick-up routines for the middle and elementary schools proved crucial. The resulting solution was a one-way, double-loop system that efficiently accommodated parental queues and prevented congestion on adjacent roadways. The TTL design team played a pivotal role in establishing operation protocols that maintained on-site safety and uninterrupted access for construction activities and student movements. These protocols also smoothed traffic flows, especially when classes were in session. Moreover, the challenge of substandard soils at the elementary school site was met with effective management strategies, including excavation and proper treatment during the construction phase.


Clarksville, TN


Clarksville/Montgomery County School System


Clarksville/Montgomery County School System



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