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Rutherford County Judicial Center

This project involved the construction of a 220,000-square-foot, six-story concrete and steel-framed building with an adjacent two-level, precast parking garage.


The Rutherford County Judicial Center, a significant addition to the county's infrastructure, encompasses courtrooms, judge's chambers, jury assembly areas, holding cells, an evidence vault, and sheriff’s offices. Fractured and pinnacled bedrock was encountered in some instances during shallow foundation construction, requiring additional work.


After a thorough assessment of the site and soil conditions, TTL provided recommendations for undercutting and backfilling these shallow foundations to help achieve design bearing requirements.

The collaborative effort and expertise of the entire team, from TTL’s specialists to the contractors involved, led to the success of this project. A strong work ethic, deep industry knowledge, and mutual respect were key factors, and the high level of communication actively maintained among all stakeholders was critical in keeping this eagerly anticipated project on track and advancing smoothly.

The Rutherford County Judicial Center now stands as a testament to TTL’s dedication to delivering technically sound solutions and fostering a harmonious construction environment that resulted in the timely completion of this landmark project.


Rutherford County, TN


Rutherford County Public Building Authority, Inc.


Rutherford County Public Building Authority, Inc.



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