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Silos Elementary School

To serve a rapidly expanding residential sector experiencing the addition of 1,800 single-family homes per year across 56 active subdivisions, a new 100,000-square-foot elementary school is being constructed. Accompanying this educational facility are essential support structures including an athletic field, library, cafeteria, and a comprehensive parking area.


Silos Elementary School, a pivotal institution within the Medina Valley Independent School District, is a component of a bond package funded by public investments for land procured by public means. The project represents a benchmark in resource management and successful completion and is aimed at serving the burgeoning needs of a flourishing community.


Under the stewardship of TTL, the Silos Elementary School project is progressing with exceptional oversight across all operational facets, from procurement and safety to vendor coordination and community engagement. The materials, selected for their accessibility and quality, are being used according to plan with TTL's detailed verification at each critical juncture. This careful supervision has seen that all vendors adhere to the proposed goals and timelines. Despite the challenging schedule, the project remains on track to open its doors for the new student intake in the fall of 2024. The collaborative efforts of highly skilled contractors, a proactive client, a community poised for growth, and unwavering attention to the project's objectives have positioned this initiative to be finalized under budget and within the anticipated timeframe.


Castroville, TX


Medina Valley Independent School District


Medina Valley Independent School District



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