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Skyland Elementary School

Built to replace an outdated facility that was no longer compliant with current building codes, this new school includes modern technology, a safe room, and a storm shelter. Funding was provided through the federal Opportunity Zones Program, which is aimed at improving low-income areas.


Skyland Elementary School’s former building suffered from outdated infrastructure, systems, and technology that failed to meet present-day building codes. One of the main objectives was to update the school to modern safety and technological standards in time for the new academic year.


The new, award-winning Skyland Elementary School now stands as a modern educational environment, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources to enhance student learning. To resolve code compliance issues, our team redeveloped the campus to be ADA-compliant. This included improving the sidewalks for better accessibility, creating paths for improved connectivity, and increasing ADA parking availability. Infrastructure improvements included new sewer lines and water mains to support additional restrooms and a fire sprinkler system that significantly boosts the school's safety profile. The school also features a FEMA-rated storm shelter for enhanced student protection. These advancements were made possible through detailed planning and close collaboration with the construction teams to meet both the scheduled deadline and the high standards required for a learning facility.


Tuscaloosa, AL


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Tuscaloosa City Schools



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