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South Georgia Medical Center

For more than a quarter-century, TTL has fostered a relationship with South Georgia Medical Center, encompassing multiple campuses and the successful completion of more than 25 diverse projects. This long-term partnership has been instrumental in developing the necessary infrastructure to support the medical center's growth and ability to serve communities throughout the state.


The enduring collaboration with South Georgia Medical Center has featured various projects across different locations, each presenting unique site conditions and challenges. A significant aspect of the work has often involved managing multiple construction projects simultaneously, which requires a high level of coordination and resource allocation.


A notable project within this partnership involved simultaneously constructing a five-level parking deck with a pedestrian connector bridge, a 235,000-square-foot patient tower, and a generator building. To effectively manage these concurrent projects, TTL allocated ample resources and maintained an onsite presence for immediate issue resolution. This proactive approach allowed for the early identification and mitigation of potential problems.

Key to the success of these projects was TTL’s responsive allocation of dedicated field technicians and engineers, who were tasked with conducting load testing for the deep foundations required by the structures. Our local presence, combined with our expertise, knowledge of the client, and familiarity with the facilities, significantly contributed to our efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, our strong communication skills, honed through previous successful projects with the same design team, enhanced the project execution.


Valdosta, GA


South Georgia Medical Center


South Georgia Medical Center



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