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SR 52 Widening

A significant 6.9-mile widening and improvement of SR 52 in Geneva County will transform a two-lane road into a five-lane highway to mitigate heavy traffic congestion. The project spanned from 1st Avenue to North Rex Street and navigated through areas with on-site wetlands.


The primary goal of the SR 52 Widening project was to alleviate traffic congestion in Geneva County. However, the presence of wetlands along the proposed route posed significant environmental challenges. Additionally, the project required the acquisition and coordination of right-of-way, which involved intricate planning and community engagement.


TTL’s team, aware of the critical role the wetlands would play in the project's execution, designed the road alignment to avoid these sensitive areas through a creative design approach that successfully navigated the wetlands while achieving the goal of easing traffic congestion.

The team also actively engaged with the community to address their concerns, participated in a public involvement meeting, and produced right-of-way maps, tract sketches, and deeds. One notable achievement was the resolution of right-of-way issues, particularly in maintaining and enhancing access to a local church. The team constructed an extra driveway with a circular turnaround to provide a clear and convenient path for hearses and other vehicles, demonstrating a thoughtful and responsive approach to community needs.

Through innovative design and effective community engagement, TTL successfully navigated the environmental and logistical challenges of the SR 52 Widening project, exemplifying our capability to deliver infrastructure improvements that are both environmentally sensitive and community focused.


Geneva County, AL







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