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Tennessee River Bridge Feasibility Study

TTL undertook a detailed transportation feasibility study, funded by the City of Decatur and an Appalachian Regional Commission grant, to evaluate infrastructure needs and improve mobility in response to regional growth. The study involved extensive public engagement and aimed to determine the city's needs, identify feasible solutions, and determine whether to construct a new bridge over the Tennessee River or widen the existing one.


To address route deficiencies by analyzing congestion, enhancing connectivity, and improving pedestrian and bicycle access, the City of Decatur initiated the Tennessee River Bridge Feasibility Study. For months, TTL coordinated with numerous federal and state regulatory agencies operating along the Tennessee River and studied the area's demographic characteristics – economically disadvantaged, historically significant, environmentally sensitive to endangered species, and near a nuclear plant and a wildlife area – with each discovery only adding to the project’s necessity, complexity, and sensitivity.


TTL turned to those who most rely on the bridge, stakeholders and the public, to help guide the study. By hosting multiple meetings, TTL was able to interact with the public, stakeholders, and other concerned parties both personally and effectively in real-time. Ultimately, this level of public involvement resulted in the evidence and support for a new bridge to the community.

However, considering the archaeological significance of the river, the presence of Native American mounds, cemeteries, and the overall historical nature of the area, comprehensive regulatory oversight required navigating a complex web of state and federal agencies. Despite these hurdles, the study has been a significant success, sparking meaningful dialogue with the state and propelling the project forward. After more than two decades of anticipation, the City of Decatur can now convincingly demonstrate the legitimate need for the new bridge thanks to TTL’s meticulously conducted study and community engagement efforts.


Decatur, AL


City of Decatur, AL


City of Decatur, AL


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