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The University of Alabama at Birmingham Metals Contract

To comprehensively assess the integrity of the University of Alabama at Birmingham's central utilities system, TTL used advanced phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) and standard ultrasonic testing (UT) and determined whether to proceed with upgrades, expansions, or replacements. This assessment was conducted within a timeframe tightly aligned with the academic calendar of the university.


The challenge was multifaceted, stemming from the diverse sizes and configurations of the piping systems scattered throughout the campus and compounded by the limited timeframe to avoid academic disruptions. The scope of work was critical to support the university’s ambitions for enlarging the cultural district and other campus zones.


TTL undertook the challenging task of conducting an exhaustive evaluation within a compressed schedule to align with the university’s rapid development plans and the cultural district expansion. The team employed a combination of cutting-edge and conventional testing methods to inspect the integrity of the power and hydronic piping systems situated in numerous subterranean vaults across the campus. Through strategic planning, phasing of the work, and rigorous project management, TTL successfully adhered to the university's demanding schedule allowing the necessary upgrades and enhancements to the central utility systems to be accomplished without interfering with the academic year.


Birmingham, AL


University of Alabama at Birmingham


University of Alabama at Birmingham



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