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Thomasville Pedestrian Bridge

As part of a larger initiative to enhance the city's bicycle and walking trails, this project includes the construction of a 75-foot-long by 10-foot-wide pedestrian bridge over Oquina Creek in Thomasville. This bridge is funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and requires specific design and reporting standards.


The Thomasville Pedestrian Bridge's proposed location presented various challenges, including off-road positioning and significant elevation changes that complicated access. Adherence to GDOT's funding requirements necessitated a comprehensive Bridge Foundation Investigation (BFI) report, and the design of the bridge needed to conform to GDOT standards. This included drilling procedures, sampling, and Load and Resistance Factor Design criteria. Another critical aspect of the project was selecting an appropriate foundation type for the site's unique conditions.


TTL employed specialized equipment to navigate the off-road terrain and perform the necessary testing and sampling. After a thorough analysis of the site's geology and soil conditions, TTL concluded that a deep foundation system was most suitable for the bridge, considering regional preferences and the specific geotechnical conditions of the site.

TTL's comprehensive analysis and recommendations for a deep foundation system were accepted and implemented and all reports and testing met GDOT's rigorous standards. The approved bridge design, aided by TTL’s geotechnical insights, proved to be cost-effective and tailored to the unique requirements of the site's soil and geological conditions.

Through expert geotechnical evaluation and strategic planning, TTL successfully navigated the project's challenges to deliver a solution that met both the regulatory criteria and the community's infrastructure needs. The Thomasville Pedestrian Bridge project showcases TTL's commitment to providing practical, sustainable, and cost-effective engineering solutions.


Thomasville, GA


Keck & Wood


City of Thomasville, GA



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