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Tortuga Substation

To meet the energy requirements of a newly built plastic recycling facility in the vicinity, American Electric Power sought to construct an electrical substation on a 200-foot-by-135-foot site on the Gulf Coast in an area known for flooding.


The Tortuga Substation faced foundational challenges due to its location on soft, sandy soils in a flood-prone area along the Gulf of Mexico's western coastline. The potential for flooding posed risks to the structural integrity of the substation, necessitating a robust and resilient design.


To overcome the geotechnical and flood risk challenges, TTL took proactive measures to raise the substation 13 feet above ground level to protect it from potential flood damage. The use of geosynthetic fabric helped stabilize and reinforce the sandy soil while lifts installed during construction facilitated the work on this elevated structure. Monitoring of soil settlement was carried out throughout the project to identify and address any significant subsidence, but for areas where additional support was necessary, TTL installed deep caisson foundations more than 50 feet below the surface to provide a stable and secure base for the substation infrastructure.


Corpus Christi, TX (Nueces County)







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