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Tuscaloosa Pedestrian Bridge

The project involved the development of a pedestrian connector bridge over Jack Warner Parkway that functions as a key unifying element within the City of Tuscaloosa Riverfront and growing entertainment district. The bridge was part of an FHWA Build Grant project and is an elevated structure with approaches all built atop a former landfill. 


The project included a number of challenges including a two-week concept development and budgeting process in the initial month of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The technical challenges included building the bridge on a site with compromised soil conditions due to its history as a landfill. Erecting an elevated structure and the ADA-required structural approaches on a poor soil base required innovative engineering solutions. Additionally, being a recipient of the FHWA Build Grant, the project had to adhere to stringent federal standards, maintain a strict budget and timeline, and simultaneously achieve multiple objectives. 


TTL’s geotechnical experts devised an innovative solution to address the challenges of the poor soil quality and the area's previous use as a landfill. Instead of employing typical pile construction methods which would have necessitated the removal and relocation of a large amount of soil and debris, TTL advised alternative design approaches. This decision helped to control costs and avoid schedule delays. Considering the project's funding through a federal grant and the inclusion of additional community resources, TTL focused on maximizing value while maintaining creative and efficient problem-solving in the project execution.  From the initial time constraints involving the grant application submission through the design and construction phase tasks, TTL helped guide this extremely time-sensitive project.


Tuscaloosa, AL


City of Tuscaloosa, AL


City of Tuscaloosa, AL



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