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TxDOT Various Environmental Projects

Significant highway construction projects managed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) required the evaluation of asbestos containing materials (ACM) and assessment of septic systems located within the rights-of-way.


The objectives were to identify any presence of asbestos and assess engineering damages for septic systems potentially affected by the proposed construction. The process entailed obtaining relevant county and state records, conceptual plans from TxDOT, collaborating with property owners, and determining fair compensation valuations.


TxDOT needed to negotiate with landowners whose septic systems were impacted by the highway projects. TTL provided accurate assessments and impartial recommendations, along with a fair financial valuation for compensation to the owners. Our recommendations addressed whether septic systems should be removed, replaced, or connected to municipal supplies. We also considered the likelihood of property owners entering condemnation proceedings.

In cases where records were incomplete or inaccurate, TTL constructed as-built representations to understand the construction, capabilities, and costs associated with replacing, removing, or relocating the septic systems. Many systems were not feasible to relocate on the same property, leading to recommendations for compensation and resolution.

While asbestos evaluations were more straightforward, they required careful coordination and thorough reporting. TTL’s approach to both the asbestos and septic system challenges underscored our commitment to providing detailed assessments and fostering resolutions that balanced both the interests of TxDOT and the affected property owners.


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