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Valdosta State University Health Science Building

As part of a long-standing partnership spanning more than 27 years with Valdosta State University, TTL provided professional services for the construction of a four-story, 160,000 square foot educational building designed to accommodate more than 1,600 students.


The development of the Health Science Building aimed to centralize various health profession disciplines into a single facility. Yet, before its design could commence, the challenge of selecting an appropriate site for the building arose. As a project funded by the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission (GSFIC), it required adherence to strict state funding standards and guidelines which demanded significant coordination from the TTL team.


TTL's approach began with comprehensive geotechnical site investigations to identify the most suitable location for the new building. The final geotechnical report influenced the recommendation for shallow foundations, which was favorable given the site's predominantly flat terrain and simplified grading requirements. The university was then presented with several well-informed site options to best serve their needs and objectives.

As a state-funded project, the bureaucratic processes were more demanding and required extensive paperwork, project management, and oversight. TTL navigated these requirements, maintaining that all state funding conditions were met without compromising the project's timeline or quality.

Through detailed site analysis and adept management, TTL helped facilitate the successful siting and initiation of this significant educational infrastructure project and, in the process, reinforced our enduring relationship with Valdosta State University.


Valdosta, GA


Valdosta State University


Valdosta State University



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