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Various Georgia Power Substations and Transmission Lines

Over the past decade, our firm has maintained a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Georgia Power, undertaking a diverse range of more than 100 projects across various locations in Georgia. 


The enduring collaboration with Georgia Power has proven beneficial to both TTL and the electric utility, but each project we’ve undertaken has come with its own, unique challenges. This is chiefly due to the dynamic site conditions and the geographic diversity of the state. Our team has worked in vastly different environments, from the coastal regions to the Blue Ridge and Piedmont areas, encountering a spectrum of geological conditions ranging from sandy coastal terrains to mountainous granite rock formations. 


Our approach to these challenges has been to adapt our field services to the unique conditions of each site in Georgia. This has involved extensive training of our professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively and safely address and resolve site-specific challenges, whether they involve flowing sands or encountering granite rock.   Our recommendations and solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of the regional geographies, backed by years of experience and a strong emphasis on learning from past projects. We have consistently delivered high-quality services, ranging from supervising straightforward yet vital concrete pours to performing critical tests for power substations. This level of service has made us a reliable partner for Georgia Power, contributing to their goal of delivering electricity safely and efficiently across the state. Our decades-long relationship with Georgia Power stands as a testament to our ability to adapt, learn, and consistently deliver in varying and challenging environments, showcasing our commitment to quality, reliability, and client-focused solutions.


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