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Wellington Place Subdivision Water Main Extension

TTL is managing the development of Wellington Place subdivision, which encompasses 87 residential lots spread over 42 acres.


The design of the current 42-acre site involves complex challenges related to offsite improvements, access, and utility services. The subdivision's expansion efforts also have been met with community resistance due to rezoning initiatives aimed at increasing the density of the development.


The initial phase involves infrastructure enhancements to the original 42 acres, such as developing 87 residential lots, road widening, improving access routes, and upgrading utilities, including the installation of force mains, a pump station, and a 16-inch water line.

The owner's intention to rezone the area to allow for higher-density housing led to community pushback. TTL engaged in in-depth community and public outreach to address these concerns and facilitated the rezoning discussion onto the city's legislative agenda. The owner has agreed to consider stakeholders' concerns in the rezoning process and project design.

For the forthcoming development phase, TTL is committed to creating a concept-sensitive design that reflects the community's feedback. This future planning is anticipated to include enhanced onsite amenities, further road expansion, and a diverse range of housing options that reflects the community's desires while contributing to a balanced neighborhood development.


Portland, TN


Reyes Construction


City of Portland


Municipal, Water Resources

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