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Western Riverwalk

This project focuses on revitalizing Tuscaloosa's iconic riverfront by enhancing the existing 2.5-mile South Bank Riverwalk with the addition of the Western Riverwalk. This endeavor aims to increase recreational opportunities, improve access to the Riverwalk, and create a seamless connection between the riverfront and the downtown area.


The key challenge in this redevelopment was to expand the Riverwalk's connectivity and recreational functions to serve as a driving force for revitalization of the area. Integrating the new pedestrian bridge into Parker-Haun Park and the forthcoming Saban Center was crucial. Additionally, a section of the project had to be developed on the south side of the decommissioned Oliver Lock and Dam, which required negotiations for land acquisition with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and nearby property owners. The location's flood zone status also presented significant redevelopment hurdles for the trailhead that will extend along the river for several miles and establish the area as a premier city destination.


TTL's design engineers collaborated with USACE and neighboring landowners to navigate the complex issues of land ownership, topography, flood risk, and elevation differences. The Western Riverwalk and related developments are integral to the creation of the Saban Center, which is planned to be a vibrant community hub that will encourage the educational, artistic, recreational, and exploratory revitalization of Tuscaloosa's riverfront, thereby driving regional growth.


Tuscaloosa, AL


City of Tuscaloosa


City of Tuscaloosa, AL



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