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Civil Engineering

TTL’s civil engineering services include a comprehensive range of professional capability that can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various market sectors. Our expertise spans the entire lifecycle of infrastructure projects – from concept planning and innovative design to precise construction phase administration and diligent maintenance consulting. At TTL, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, dependability, and efficiency resulting in a track record of clients who turn to us for our unwavering commitment to deliver creative and effective solutions to complex challenges. We harness the collective wisdom and energy of our team to deliver high-quality, efficient civil design services that meet the unique demands of each project. Our culture of collaboration – internally and externally – results in greater control over projects for our clients. Together, we transform projects into catalysts for progress that leave a lasting legacy.



  • Site planning and design

  • Due diligence, permitting, and entitlements

  • Feasibility studies

  • Street + roadway planning and design

  • Water + wastewater studies and design

  • Stormwater planning and design

  • Utility planning and design

  • Planning and administration

  • Program management

  • Public involvement

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