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Geotechnical Engineering

To deliver a high-quality product and add value to our client’s projects, our geotechnical professionals use advanced technology and stay up to date with the latest techniques enabling us to increase efficiency and achieve reliable results. We understand that geotechnical services provide the literal foundation for almost every project. As such, we evaluate each project to select and determine the appropriate level of geotechnical testing and analysis to reduce risks and costs. By adopting a multi-service approach, we can take advantage of economies of scale with other TTL and partner services, allowing us to better define the project's scope and challenges from a value-added group perspective.



  • Subsurface explorations

  • Forensic evaluation

  • Foundation capacity analysis

  • Foundation settlement analysis

  • Analysis of ground improvement systems

  • Slope stability analysis

  • Landslide repair design

  • Earth retention systems analysis

  • Mechanically-stabilized earth (MSE)

  • Retaining wall design

  • Shear wave velocity profile testing and multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW)

  • Site-specific seismic studies

  • Pavement analysis Sinkhole assessments

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