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Dean’s introduction to engineering began in the field working six consecutive summers in his youth installing sewer lines working as a laborer for an earthwork contractor under a hot Alabama sun. His understanding of this work led him to The University of Alabama for an engineering degree and, in 1985, to TTL where he has since dedicated his career. Named president in 2000 and CEO in 2005, Dean’s efforts contributed to the growth of the firm from a staff of less than 100 in two offices to over 450 employees across 14 offices in four states. Dean, who is always willing to listen, learn, and share the credit, now thrives on leading a firm with a variety of professional experts who possess the technical knowledge it takes to overcome client challenges and bring projects to life. TTL’s success stems not just from Dean’s vision for what the firm could be, but also from his fostering an atmosphere where team members work closely together, pull in the same direction, and are excited about the future.

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