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Community Engagement Updates

Almost 100 Tuscaloosa-area residents turned out on Monday, Aug. 22, 2022, for a community engagement meeting hosted by TTL, Inc. and the City of Tuscaloosa to voice their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on developing the master plan for Lake Nicol and Harris Lake.

TTL was selected to create a master plan that will help inform recreational decisions for Lake Nicol and Harris Lake for years to come. The community engagement meeting was the latest in the ongoing efforts by TTL and the City of Tuscaloosa to gain insight into what the public wants for the future of these lakes.

“We were very pleased with the turnout for the public involvement meeting on the Lake Nicol/Harris Lake plan,” said TTL Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jason Walker, PE, PLS. “While we did hear some concerns about draft elements of the plan from area residents, there was overall very positive feedback and additional ideas brought to the table for consideration.”

Unveiled for the first time were preliminary concepts developed by TTL and its project partner, Barge Design Solutions, Inc., to create a Retreat District and a Day Use/Camping District along Lake Nicol, a Group Events District and Active Recreation District on Harris Lake, as well as a nearby Village District serving both lakes and featuring open space and plans for shops or businesses.

“As the master plan for lakes Harris and Nicol comes together, we look forward to implementing the exciting ideas in the years to come,” said Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox. “Data shows that young professionals prefer to choose their city of residence before their workplace, and local recreation is at the top of the list of things they’re looking for. With your help, we’re creating a vision that will maximize the potential of these two jewels of our community to help attract and retain the best and brightest for years to come.”

Now, TTL will review the the input from the community engagement meeting along with data from more than 1,000 responses to an ongoing online survey as we begin development of the master plan.


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