TTL is proud to share our experience, energy, creativity, and dedication to our clients by providing civil engineering services to both the private and public sectors.  Our clients value and depend on our experience in addressing their present and future needs. Past projects of the firm principals showcase significant experience in various market segments including municipal, residential, institutional, commercial, transportation, recreational, industrial, health care, and utilities. Having a broad base of experience along with an ability and willingness to be responsive, TTL is able to meet the demands of any project size and schedule. Taking creative approaches from project conception through the construction phase, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients and continually strive to find solutions to the issues they face.

Oil & Gas Services

TTL has significant experience with a variety of services in the Oil & Gas Industry. Services for pipeline, production, storage, utilities, terminals, and maintenance projects are our specialty. Using our vast experience, expertise, knowledge, and modern technology, we provide clients with comprehensive solutions. This includes civil design, project management, environmental assessments, permitting, geotechnical services, surveying, construction management, and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Our goal on every project is to provide a timely solution, improve performance, and reduce risk across the entire project lifecycle. Our priority is to do this safely, cost-effectively, timely, and efficiently. Safety is always the top priority on any TTL job site or project.

TTL offers the following pipeline services:

  • Pipeline Design
  • Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream
  • Gathering, Transmission, and Distribution
  • Gas, NGL, and Liquid Hydrocarbons
  • Carbon Steel, Medium Density, and High Density
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Valves and Pig Traps
  • Project Management
  • Site Investigation
  • Route Planning/Feasibility Studies
  • Project Cost Estimates
  • Construction Management
  • Professional Land Surveying Services

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES for the Oil & Gas Industry

TTL has partnered with clients in the Oil and Gas industry to create cost-effective, regulatory-compliant environmental solutions. We provide integrated solutions specific to the life cycle of oil and gas field environmental activities such as field development, operation, decommissioning, and abandonment.

TTL provides services to midstream and downstream partners that help them develop strategies for air permitting and compliance that also include:

  • Regulatory Auditing
  • Due Diligence
  • Remediation

TTL’s team is experienced in servicing clients in efficient water management associated with field development, such as water conveyance and storage ponds, water quality monitoring, and water sourcing.

Services we provide for the midstream industry include:

  • Regulated Pipeline Design
  • Natural Resource Surveys
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Environmental Construction Inspection/Monitoring
  • Environmental Compliance & Remediation of Historic & Evolving Issues

Planning & Administration

Often times, there is more to an engineering task than an evaluation of design options and development of an associated set of contract documents.  TTL has extensive experience leading multi-discipline teams of engineers, architects, planners, lawyers, and finance professionals in development of master plans for site development and infrastructure projects.  Planning and administration services include site evaluations and selection recommendations, master plans for water and sewer systems, SRF loan administration, and federal grant administration and environmental services for funding agencies including FHWA, FTA, HUD, FRA, NIST, EPA, EDA, and others.  The administrative services provided in the past have been for projects including transportation, institutional, urban renewal/redevelopment, disaster recovery, and riverfront development.

Surveying, GIS & Mapping

TTL strives to be a good partner with our clients before they even break ground. With our surveying and mapping services, we offer clients thorough assistance in GIS, commercial/industrial site selection, demographic studies, topographic and boundary surveying, hydrographic mapping, quarry/surface mine mapping, and a variety of other surveys and evaluations that provide our clients with base data for their projects.

How we can then put that data to work for you:

  • Application development
  • Asset mapping
  • Database or systems design
  • Cartographic products
  • Integration

We have the experience and resources to help you cultivate and leverage your data whether you need to house and maintain it; access, share, edit, analyze, or display it; or you want to integrate with other systems such as asset management or enterprise resource planning platforms.

Learn more about our civil design capabilities by reaching out to Michael Cochrane, PE, at 615.331.7770. Contact Pete Berzins at 210.888.6100 to learn more about our oil & gas services. 

Site and Utility Design

The broad practice of site and utility design includes the master planning, study, design, and plan development for any projects that include earth disturbance, site improvements, and/or water and sewer infrastructure needs.  Depending on the project scope of work, our team of engineers provides design services associated with multi-discipline projects including commercial and industrial site development, storm drainage studies and design, sanitary sewer collection and treatment, water distribution, sanitary sewer system rehabilitation, watershed management, and water supply protection.  We have provided these services for industries, municipalities, private developments, water/sewer systems, and counties and states all over the country.

Construction Administration

TTL is passionate about offering our clients cost-effective solutions and taking a hands-on approach to recognize issues before they become problems. With the experience of our construction administration team members, we represent our clients in the field and foster the timely coordination of the engineer-contractor-owner dynamic to enable completion of the project on time as required by the contract documents.  TTL’s team is safe and takes advantage of continuing education opportunities to maintain required industry certifications and to stay ahead of the constantly emerging technologies and advancements in materials and construction techniques.

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